Last day in the residency apartment. Sticky notes and laundry have to go

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This should be my final entry for the Harun Farocki Residency. It serves to direct you to where I can be found online from this point.

My personal website, which is in beta stage of redesign (the archive section is still under construction), gives a basic introduction to my work.

My Vimeo account represents a large portion of work I performed during the residency, uploading and cataloging all the video essays I have produced over the last ten years. It contains over 360 videos, a lot to browse through. For greater ease of access, I’ve organized the videos into 80 categories. I’ll be seeking other ways to optimize the organization and accessibility of these videos; recommendations are welcome.

For those and other matters, I can be reached via email at alsolikelife (at) gmail (dot) com.

And of course, there’s Instagram and Twitter. (Still contemplating Snapchat.)

And what about blogging? Given how productive this blog component of the residency was, how much space it gave for me to reflect on what I’ve done and what I ought to do, I wonder if I should continue it somehow, somewhere, maybe on my own site. I’ll withhold from deciding now if this blog was a temporary but meaningful return to past practices, or something I can sustain for the indefinite future. Either way, writing these entries was a very helpful reminder of what feels like to contribute something fulfilling to the online ecosystem, when so much content seems to produce the opposite effect.