Adorno: Resurrection

Chat transcript between Kevin B. Lee and Volker Pantenburg, Friday January 6 2017, 9:32 P.M.

hi kevin, you’re probably out having drinks

probably not

okay, you’re taking a night off.

i’m exhausted.
i had to go from prenzlauer
back to hafi
and then back to prenzlauer this afternoon,
because they don’t take credit cards.
so elsa had to loan me cash

it’s just in line with how the week has went
but i got an interesting insight out of it
(other than that german stores
seem to avoid credit cards)

did they clarify the confusion with the cost for bringing adorno back to life?
yes, i asked about that
the guy said that the other guy
who is the real specialist in the shop,
at first he was skeptical that it could be saved
okay, so the adhoc diagnosis had to be modified…
but then they received a few water damaged iphones,
and so the specialist thought
it was worth his time
to fix them all at once
because it involves using
a special saline treatment
in a lab room that he designed himself
i see, he played the nerdism card.
and won!
it seemed at first he just didn’t want
to go through the trouble
of unscrewing all the tiny screws
and removing the logic board
(aka the brain of the computer –
so it really is like brain surgery)
but once he got into “lab mode”
he got really into it
the whole thing could be worth a blog entry, don’t you think?
yes i was thinking the same thing

then afterwards when he tested it
and it all seemed to work,
he was elated,
in the best mood he was in all week.
the guy telling me the story said
when the specialist walked in that morning
he was extremely cheerful

it really ties into a lot that’s on my mind these days,
what with all the chores, obligations
and creative possibilities that risk
turning into chores and obligations

and it also ties into why they said
just “feed the kitty” [tip jar]
when they originally couldn’t fix it.
because it really comes down to the relationship
between work,
and value
(monetary or otherwise)